Request a Reading

I would be honored to do a reading for you. I do a lot of explaining when I do a reading so if you want to get to the intuitive part of your reading go to the last few paragraphs and read that first. But please come back to the information I supply as I feel that helps you to understand the reading better. The most important thing to remember is that the Tarot is not fortune telling. It is a reading of the energies around you at a certain time. It is very similar to when you walk into a room and just know that the people in the room have been fighting. A reading is a guide to help you along the way, to see things more clearly. Remember you have a free will and can change anything around you by changing your actions and reactions. First of all I go to a quiet area of my home and let my husband know I am going to do a reading so that nothing interrupts me. This is an area set aside especially for readings. I think about your question and decide what spread I am going to use to do your reading. I keep my cards in a special pouch; I take them out and begin to shuffle. While I shuffle I think about you question some more. Then I say a short prayer and draw the cards that I need for the spread. As we go thru your reading I will explain the card spread, what each position means, and the cards I drew. I will give you a short description of the card and a basic meaning of the card. Please remember that if you were to read six different books on the Tarot you would find six or more meanings. The intuitive part comes from reading where the cards are in the spread and how they relate to each other. 3 Card Reading – $30 7 Card Reading – $70 10 Card Reading – $100 Payment is required before a reading will be done. Once your request has been received and reviewed, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Reading will be started upon receipt of payment. Thank you, Tina