About Me

I received my first Tarot deck in 1979 and have been reading for others since 1980.  I have gone professional in the last two years.   I have read at local fairs and charity events for the last two years in my small community, with all proceeds going to the charity.  I share a small shop with a friend and do readings there also. I read for a tarot community and have attained the status of Tarot Sage. I am not a computer sitting here that will just spit out the meaning of a card.  I will give you the meanings of the cards in the layout you choose, then I will give you an intuitive reading.  People have said that I am “scary” accurate.  I am not sitting here with my mind in the ether.  Some people have commented that they like the fact that I don’t clutter up a reading with a lot of “esoteric” mumbo-jumbo.  I use some numerology and give the relation of a card to the natural elements of our word (earth, air, fire or water). I spent 35 years in nursing (very science oriented), twenty years of that in management.  I know reality and am very down to earth.  My readings are written just like I speak.  I do not try to baffle you with words and expressions that nobody understands. What you must understand is that the Tarot is not fortune telling, and anyone who tells you it is does not know what they are talking about.  It is not evil, it has nothing to do with the devil. It is a reading of the energies around you at a certain time.   It is very much like you “knowing” when you walk in a room that the people have been fighting, but they are all smiles for company.  There is not any mumbo-jumbo to it.  It is years of study and learning to trust your heart as the cards appear to you. When I ask for further information it is because the same card can read many different ways depending on what you are asking about.  If the same card appears in a reading about money, it does not mean the same as if it appeared in a question about a romantic relationship. I have certain ethical standards and will not answer questions that are off color.  I am not a doctor, I do not give medical advice.  I am not a financial advisor, I do not give stock advice or anything along those lines.  A general question such as “Do you see an end to my current financial problems?” would be answered.  But nothing about investing or things along those lines. All readings are confidential and will be sent to you by an attachment to your email.  I will provide you a picture of the cards as they appear in the card spread.  I do not send pictures of cards that are inverted (upside down) I think they are two difficult to see on a computer screen, I will tell you however when a card is inverted in the card spread.  You may not like what is said in a reading, but I am truthful and read the cards as they appear to me. Remember you have a free will and can change anything in a reading you do not like by changing your actions. I look forward to doing a reading for you. Request a Reading Now