Tina’s Code of Ethics

I will use the Tarot to give guidance and counselling to a querent, while reinforcing that the Tarot is not an absolute and that by exercising their own free will they can change things.

I will explain that the Tarot reads the energies around you at that time, and that they are not a fortune telling tool.  That they are not mandated to use any of the information they receive from the reading.

I will not answer a “third party” question.  Such as “Is he cheating on me”?  I will encourage the querent to re-phrase the question so that it reflects onto them why this question is important to them.

I will not answer question about sex that seem odd.  Such as “Do the cards say it’s OK to watch child porn?”

I will not answer questions about financial investments, health, or questions such as “When is she going to die?” “Will I inherit all her money?”

If a question reflects health symptoms either physical or mental, I will encourage the querent to seek the appropriate professional.

I will not portray myself as a psychic, nor say that the cards can predict the future or remove a curse.  I will explain before beginning a reading that the cards read the energies around you, not the energies of someone you want to know something about.  I will explain that the Tarot is not good at predicting a time line.

I will give an honest interpretation of what I see in the cards, I will not alter what I see so that the querent receives what they want to hear.  I will at all times give the information as I get it. At all times I will be honest.  I will not “sugar coat” negative information, but I will be diplomatic and attempt to soften the answer.

If a question is unclear in your mind I will work with you to rephrase the question so the cards can give you an answer.

I will not be judgemental and at all times treat a querent with respect and empathy.

When I am reading at a charity event such as a fair, I will use an Oracle deck with great art for the children.

I will provide privacy for all querents.

I will not repeat anything I learn about a querent.

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