Biddy Tarot Certification Review

The best thing I have ever done for myself in my Tarot journey was to take the Certification course. I had been reading the Tarot for years and was self-taught. I didn’t know anyone who read the Tarot but me and it was a lonely, and if I may say so a confusing path, trying to learn on my own. The I found the Biddy Community. I completed the Master the Tarot Card Meanings, which is step one in November 2016. I then completed Read Tarot with Confidence in February 2017. I received my Certified Biddy Tarot Reader in May of 2017.
With each module you complete you learn more about the Tarot than you could ever find in a book, you also learn about yourself and what your core values really are. The videos provided with each module make you feel as if you are being tutored by Brigit on a personal basis. Brigit’s podcasts add even more as you go thru your journey, and they are always there to go back and review if a question comes up later.
There is absolute total support from the community. From the IT department who are always there to help you with computer issues to Brigit herself. Her Masterclasses build on what you learn in the certification process. I continue to sign-up for the Masterclasses and I learn something new each time I listen to one.
Brigit’s style of teaching is relaxed, and extremely easy to follow. You are never made to feel that you should already know something. The fact that Brigit tells you that there is no wrong answer helps to build your confidence and lets you know that you too can become an awesome Tarot Reader.
This is one thing that you should do for yourself. You deserve it. When you apply for your certificate you will realize just how far Brigit has taken you on your path. In a very earthly way, without confusing you with esoteric materials that most of us don’t understand, and our clients won’t either. When you write your Code of Ethics for your certification you will realize that not only did you learn about the Tarot, but you learned so much about yourself. You need to do this for yourself. You will be amazed at how thrilled you are when you complete the certification process. You will be smiling for weeks. Just Do It. ┬áThe address for information for the certification course is Biddy Tarot Certification Program
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