The Magician

Today we are talking about the symbolism of the Magician.  This card is so overwhelming with symbolism that I thought I would start with a symbol that can be isolated.  That symbol is the infinity sign above the Magician’s head.  The Magician is about concentration, action, and many other things.  But looking at the infinity symbol lets you know that what you bring to fruition with the reading that this card appears in will be long lasting.  The Magician is about making things happen.  But you have to be the one who makes things happen, it just doesn’t fall in your lap like a gift.  When you see this card in your reading, know that if you gain what you are asking about, that it will be long lasting.  The number of this card is a one and it indicates new beginnings,opportunity, and also independence. Remember that the meanings of a card depend on the cards around them in a reading.  The meaning for the symbol for infinity very simply is long lasting..

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