The Fool

So today we begin looking at the symbolism in the cards of the Tarot. As we go along hopefully I will learn to post a picture of the card we are discussing-with the help of a friend. I am using the Radiant Rider-Waite deck, one of the most popular decks in use at this time. Please remember this is how I see the symbols of the Tarot and since as a reader we use our intuition, my “take” on the symbol from the card may not agree with something you read in a book. We are starting with the first card of the Major Arcana which is The Fool, and the symbol I am going to talk about is the dog at The Fool’s feet. This little guy is along for the new journey that The Fool is about to begin. And although he is all about the adventure with his owner, he (the dog) sees himself as The Fool’s protector and is jumping around at his feet, as if giving his owner a “head’s up” not to head off on this adventure without thinking about the practical aspects of the journey. So when starting something new remember to listen to those around that gave give you sage advice.

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